Qingdao Artist Garden

The clearings of Qingdao

The artist garden concept is based on the idea of a preexisting forest as the main element of the project. The resineous trees of different size and species bring the global consistency in the plantations as they punctuate the entire parc. The ambiance of the forest is composed by the alternation of shade under the tree covered area and light in the planted open space. The clearings, areas of light in the garden become the location for the developmment of biodiversity. They each have their own ecosystem and biodiversity. At the forest edge, in between shade and light, the biological life is taking place. Each clearing in the forest has it’s own character and species planted and is an event of it’s own as a support of a meeting between art programmation, human usage and vegetal intelligence. The position of the clearings and the plantations allows the visitor to have a glimpse of the sea, of another clearing, an outside art installation, or the different buildings through the plantations. This diversity brings a varierty of viewpoints and experience to the park.

An exceptional position on the coast

The garden answers to a large-scale logic with its relationship to the seafront of the city of Qingdao and the green belt extended on the artist garden seaside. The ecosystem of the sea front is composed by planted sand dunes. While adding a characteristic topography, they will play a vital role of protection of the land behind to create its ecosystem. This garden is in continuity with the Tangdao Bay Park and botanical garden. Many of the species planted in the artists garden are endemic species from the area, especially the pine tree.

Rooftops gardens

The artist garden continues on different levels of the project. It takes the form of a linear garden on the third level of the masterworkshop with a planted promenade above the tree canopy. Many buildings of the project have rooftops garden echoing on what is happening on the ground. As well as their own ambiance and ecosystem, those roof gardens become viewpoints on the artist garden and the city of Qingdao.

Some parts of the garden are used as a productive garden, the wild orchard clearing contains comestible fruit trees, and another clearing will grow Chinese medicial herbs and plants. The plantations diversity of the clearings will also reflect the rich biodiversity and range of plants that can grow under the weather of Qingdao, like the local Loashan green tea.


Construction, Privé


Maîtrise d'oeuvre du jardin et des toitures plantées




2016 - 2020

Maître d'ouvrage

Shandong International Coastal Cultural Industry


Atelier Jean Nouvel, Gilles Clément, Coloco

Equipe Coloco

Estelle Pardon, Nicolas Bonnenfant, Matthieu Grattery